In this post, we will discuss Outlook error code 0x80190194 – 0x90019, why it occurs, and what are the possible ways to fix it on Windows. This issue mostly occurs when users try to send or receive emails via Outlook email client. A few users even complained of getting this error while trying to download the Offline Address Book.

What causes OAB Error 0x80190194 in Outlook?

The offline address book error 0x80190194 may occur due to one or more of the following reasons –

  • Corrupted Outlook folder
  • OAB files missing from the Client Access Server
  • Incorrect or misconfigured system settings
  • Corrupted Outlook Profile
  • Faulty entries in Windows Registry
  • Corrupted Offline Address Book

How to Fix Outlook OAB Error 0x80190194

How to Fix Outlook Error 0x80190194 – 0x90019

If you are getting this error code while sending or receiving emails via email client, go through the below suggestions, and check if any helps – 

Rename the Outlook Folder

If you are getting the error code 0x80190194 while trying to access or delete a folder inside Outlook, rename that folder to something else. Proceeding this way won’t lose any data of yours. So, go ahead and do the following –

  • Press “Win + R” to open the Run dialog box.
  • Type %appdata% on the text field, and hit OK.
  • The system will then redirect you to the AppData folder.
  • Inside the AppData folder, navigate to Roaming > Microsoft.
  • Locate the Outlook folder here, and put a right-click over it.
  • Hit the Rename option and change its name to Outlook.old.

Outlook Appdata

  • Close all running windows and restart your PC.

When your device reboots, go and check there should appear a new folder named “Outlook”.

Note: All your data are saved inside the folder Outlook.old. Copy its contents and save it somewhere you can easily remember.

In case you are still facing this error, try out the next workaround –

2] Clear contents inside the Address Book Folder

This error may also occur when there your Outlook Address Book Folder has become corrupted somehow. So, better open the folder and clear all its contents. To do so, use these steps –

Note: Make sure to close the Outlook application before applying the solution below.

  • Right-click on the Windows icon and select Run.
  • Type %localappdata% in the text field and press Enter.
  • On the upcoming window, go to Microsoft > Outlook > Offline Address Book.
  • Use Ctrl + A to select all files inside the OAB, and hit Shift + Del.
  • Doing so will clear all the contents inside the Offline Address Book folder.
  • Restart your PC and check if it solves the problem you were dealing with. 

Tip: If you don’t want to delete the data inside the OAB folder, rename this folder to something OAB.old. Proceeding this way will save your data and fix the corruption as well. 

3] Update Exchange Management Shell

In case you are still getting the error code 0x80190194, open your Exchange Management Shell, and run these codes –

  • To locate the arbitration mailbox that might be causing the OAB error –

Get-Mailbox -Arbitration | where {$_.PersistedCapabilities -like “*OAB*”} | Format-List Name,ServerName

  • To restart the “Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Assistant” service

Get-OfflineAddressBook | Update-OfflineAddressBook

Running this code will force an OAB update on your account. Do check if the OAB folder is generated or updated on the server or not. You may check that at the following path location on the server –

%ExchangeInstallPath%ClientAccess\OAB\<OAB GUID>

4] Create a New Profile

You may also fix the Address Book Error 0x80190194 by creating a new Outlook profile on your device. To do so, follow the guideline below –

  • Open Outlook and go to File > Account Settings.
  • A separate Account settings window will come into the view.
  • Click New and set up a new email account providing your name, email address, and password.

Create New Outlook Profile

  • After providing all the required details, hit Next.
  • Outlook will then start establishing a network connection with your typed-in email address. 
  • If it finds everything correct and okay, your new profile gets generated.
  • Check if the OAB Error 0x80190194 resolves on the new profile or not. If it does, you may delete your old profile.

Let’s know if the solutions above help to resolve the issue that you were dealing with in the comment section. 

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